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The i360 panoramic platform is flying high

The "flying doughnut", as the people of Brighton affectionately call it, kissed the English sky for the first time at the beginning of June. This project has no rival.


The British Airways i360 platform is being commissioned in Brighton. After having been assembled at the Sigma plant last summer, the 48 pieces of the pod (24 upper sections and 24 lower sections) were dismantled and sent to Brighton, the famous English seaside resort.

Starting in November 2015, a team of Sigma assemblers were on site to start the assembling operations. These operations required patience and expertise throughout the long months it took to assemble the pod but it all paid off a few days ago when the platform climbed the tower for the first time and reached the 138-m height!

Guinness World Record
Its height of 160 meters and a diameter of only 4 metres the British Airways i360 was officially awarded the Guinness Book of World Records' Most Slender Tower in the world.