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Accessories, for pleasure and comfort

Sigma meets the desires of customers all over the world by offering numerous options, such as air-conditioning or on-board multimedia equipment!

In 2012, Sigma revealed this innovation: the multimedia cabin. . Using self-service video screens, powered by solar batteries, passengers are connected to the internet and can access all kinds of information: weather forecasts, leisure events calendars, recommended restaurants, hotels, etc. Webcams, videos and ski-run layout drawings are also available. This innovation is a huge success in ski-resorts all over the world, but also in the aerial tramways in New York and Ankara and on the Las Vegas observation wheel.

Converting our cabins into little lounges! Why not??? When our customers have ideas, even luxurious ones, Sigma responds to all requests. A good example is the VIP Sigma Diamond cabin, where computer science technology and refrigerators are set off by surrounding leather, lending a cosy and sporty atmosphere to the scene!

This range of accessories is highly appreciated as it is easily adapted to meet specific requests. In Medellin (Colombia), where the climate is hot and moist, the Diamond cabins are equipped with ventilation, a Multilink radio system and inside lighting. Our cabins can be equipped with heated seats for better comfort in the cold weather conditions of ski resorts! In Hong Kong, the Diamond's glass floors are a huge success: their panoramic view is breath-taking!


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