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Design, shapes and curves

Our modes of transport, by using capsules, cabins or funicular railways, adapts to the environment and to the customer, and is a good way of making a project more personal. With Sigma this is possible!

Our white and grey Diamond cabins match the snow, our Saphir blue cabins merge with the sky and our red Crystal cabins make our aerial ropeways magical for children! Making the cabins part of the landscape is a notion that has  completely changed Sigma cabins. This happened in 2003 when the company asked the famous designer Pinifarina to design the new Diamond cabins.

All over the mountain scape, the egg-shapes where space was scarce have given over to spacious and elegant cabins. Funicular railways and people-movers combine roundness and aerodynamics. Right at the top of the observation wheels in London or Las Vegas, or towering above the wind turbine in Vancouver, the Sigma cabins make science fiction come true. .

Be they round, long, angular or streamlined, Sigma cabins blend into very diverse kinds of landscape and create all kinds of atmospheres. The upcoming Sigma creation in Asia will definitely be a world event.


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