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Diamond cabins


Diamond Line is available from 4 to 20 seats.


Modular and timeless, the Diamond cabin is also functional and very easy to maintain.

The  DIAMOND range is available in 4-seater versions right through to 20 standing passenger  , for ski resorts, tourist attractions and urban transport. The modularity of the DIAMOND cabins enables adequate response to new installations' demands as well as to those involved in renovating existing equipment.

The main assets:

  • Comfort is exceptional, due to the concept of "emerging posts", i.e. the cabin rests on the hanger's connecting component,
  • The connection between the cabin and the hanger has no tie-rods, rendering inspection more simple,
  • High dimensional flexibility,
  • Tested and robust materials,
  • The whole range is specially designed to facilitate Major Inspections.


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