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Specially tailored projects!

You can ask Sigma for just about anything: from the largest observation wheel in the world in Las Vegas to the People Movers in Cairo International Airport. Ask us for the impossible!

"We would like an observation cabin offering a panoramic view from the top of our wind turbine platform", is what Grouse Mountain in Canada, asked Sigma.

The accomplishment of this formidable technical feat attracts visitors from great distances and promotes sustainable energy production

In New York, where the aerial tramway was also chosen for environmental reasons, Sigma created two specially tailored cabins that each transport 110 passengers from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island.

Another special request was made by the Atomic Energy Commission in Grenoble, who needed a way of transport between two clean rooms that would be completely hermetic and would prevent the passage of even microscopic particles. No problem: let's get going! Sigma designed a funicular railway with special "clean room" cabins, moving on wheels, and it proved to be a world first.

Sigma also designed a particular version of the APM (Automated People Mover) for the Cairo International Airport (Egypt). The stunning design of this project is outstanding. The installation comprises two automatic train shuttles, with no driver, and with a capacity of 250 passengers.

In the field of spectacular tourist attractions, the London Eye great wheel (GB) and the giant observation wheel in Las Vegas (USA) are equipped with specially designed Sigma cabins.

Our adventures continue, with the creation of shuttles for airports like Miami (USA) or Pisa (Italy). In Macau, our self-rotating carriers will be fitted to an astounding wheel! In Brighton (GB), a tremendous panoramic observation platform is underway, and will soon be the icon of the city.