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Touring the world! Nature with a capital N!

Without dispute, tourism has brought Sigma success. All over the world, Sigma's breath-catching tourist projects are fearless and astounding!

In Vietnam, the unique Vinpearl Resort aerial ropeway in Nha Trang crosses the sea on a 3-kilometre long line leading to a luxury island-hotel! Sigma took part in this adventurous construction over high water, in one of the most prestigious tourist resorts of Vietnam.

Moving over into China, in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Sigma's Diamond cabins fly over vertiginous valleys.

Sigma has set up a funicular railway in the Shenzhen Leisure Park, near Hong-Kong. The cabin roofs are entirely covered in glass panes.

In Vancouver, Sigma has equipped a wind turbine with a panoramic viewing platform that has become a major tourist attraction for observing nature and landscape. Towering at a height of 64 metres, the platform offers a 360° view to 25 passengers,  with Vancouver and its bay with the ocean beyond it on one side, and the Grouse Mountain ski runs and the Rocky mountains on the other side.

The emerging tendency of increasing numbers of "mountain lovers" is leading towards different type of ropeway transport, as resorts are evolving from only winter activity to include summer tourism, as in Avoriaz in France where gondola lifts are becoming an alternative to taking the roads in summertime.