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Designing a beautiful trip

At Sigma, a team of designers and engineers uses 3D tools to make your dreams come true. This team designs the cabins, panoramic capsules, aerial tramways, people-movers, funicular railways, etc.

The client's needs come first, and these lead to designs and shapes blendingin with the project area: this can involve the spectacular urban scenery of Las Vegas or the Cairo pyramids! The Sigma engineering and design department has been fully equipped with 3D tools for a long time, and has thus designed specialcabinshapes like those for the "London Eye". Our final products are the fruit of high-quality synthetic imaging systems and up to par with our commitment. We offer appealing aesthetics that integrate all safety and mechanical requirements without hindering passenger comfort. The same team covers all aspects of the design: reduction of noise and movement, panoramic shapes of glazing, discretion of safety components, etc. This guarantees the consistency of the carriers and their durability.


Integrated manufacturing is a guarantee of quality

In order to provide product expertise beyond final assembly, Sigma manufactures a large part of the components for its carriersin its workshops. This industrial policy ensures the high-quality manufacturing standards that form the basis of the company's excellent reputation. Reliability, sturdiness, aesthetics and innovation. These are the major assets of Sigma and they stem from the high expertise of its technicians, long experience and highly specific production tools.

Manufacturing begins in the sheet metalworking and mechanical workshop. Here the team makes good use of its expertise in working with steel, stainless steel or aluminium. The metal is folded, bent, rolled and machined. Each item is checked individually, with great precision.

In order to produce the highly complex shapes necessary for the carriers, materials such as phenolic resins, polyester or epoxy resins are combined with "reinforcements" such as glass, carbon or special materials to obtain extremely resistant components. Thermoforming is used to manufacture large components, measuring as much as 3 metres by 2 metres. The mastering of all these manufacturing processes has allowed Sigma to produce the capsules for the London Eye observation wheel, notwithstanding those of the Las Vegas High Roller, and also the very luxurious range of Notin carriers.