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Welcome to the world of Sigma

Welcome to a world set between land and sky, where we carry you along weightlessly, for trips that always seem too short. Comfortably settled in our cabins, you will pass through incredible scenery and we'll share in your unique experience.

The reliability and comfort of our cabins are appreciated daily by millions in New York (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Medellin (Colombia), where urban ropeway transport now challenges the tramway and metro.

Our company's expertise is now a world reference for many transport technologies, including ropeways, observation platforms and Ferris wheels. Our capacity for innovation and our taste for challenges make even the craziest projects possible!

Have a good trip!

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The i360 panoramic platform is flying high

The i360 panoramic platform is flying high2016-07-27

The "flying doughnut", as the people of Brighton affectionately call it, kissed the English sky for the first time at the beginning of June. This project has no rival.
The Miami train is on track

The Miami train is on track2016-07-27

The first Miami train, which left Sigma last summer, was officially commissioned last week.
Chicago wheel inauguration

Chicago wheel inauguration2016-07-27

The new Chicago Centennial Wheel, built by our partner Dutch Wheels was inaugurated on May 27, 2016.